QBN Mass Gainers are supplements loaded with calories via carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and hence aid in the process of gaining weight. Mass Gainers are in high demand amongst the body builders and people who are underweight or looking to gain body mass.
Gaining weight is a much more difficult challenge than losing weight. It requires much more effort, dedication and determination. One needs to completely adhere to the diet and workout schedule.
Mass gainer helps in making the process faster and convenient, due to the following reasons.
a) Gaining Muscles :-
Mass Gainer is a highly practical way of consuming lots of calories (Carbohydrates and proteins)
In addition to the diet. It makes it easier to consume the recomended number of calories everyday.

b) Diet:-
It is easier for the body to digest such high amount of carbohydrates and proteins in a single meal due to digestive enzymes present in them .
c) Exercise Recovery:-
It restores muscle glycogen and facilitates muscles recovery and grown when consumed post-workout.
d) Bulking :- Fastes way to bulk and gain mass.

Why To buy QBN Mass Gainer?
QBN (Quick Body Nutrient) provides you 100% authentic Mass Gainer Supplements with natural indgredients and vitamins.

How to consume QBN Mass Gainers ?
Mass Gainer can be taken either with water or milk according to your preference.Taking it is milk further adds to calorie intake. Mass Gainer dosage varies from person to person based on their workout, individual credentials and calorie consumption through diet.